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    I am new to the iphone hack world and I have a one week old 16 gig 1.1.3(4A93), modem firmware 04.03.13_G. I am wanting to jailbreak it only. I am with at&t on a plan and happy with the service. I want to know how to tell what bootloader version I have? I want to use Ziphone to jailbreak, when I do this do I have to jailbreak and activate or do I just jailbreak only? I also am confused on the imei topic. what exactly is the imei, and do i need to change it, or does it change only if you unlock the phone? Phone is brand new and Im scared of ruining it. I have read that youtube will not work after the jailbreaking process, is there anything else that could go wrong? If i jailbreak it and I'm not happy with it am I able to restore to factory condition? sorry if these questions are worn out just dont want to throw away money. please let me know
    2008-02-14 07:10 PM