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    I have an orginal 1.0.2 & 3.9 bootloader
    this is what i have done...
    upgraded it to 1.1.1 - oktopreped it & upgraded it to 1.1.2, unlocked it via AnySim 1.1.2 & then went to sources in installer & installed "Official 1.1.3 upgrader" . i then got an icon on the springboard called "upgrade"
    I clicked that & it started downloading the complete 165MB 1.1.3 OS -

    the problem has not begun -
    After downloading the full 165MB ipsw file, it started extracting, but for some reason it now keep extracting it... after reaching 100% extraction, it has not gone further & reached over 400% extraction - in the middle it stopped a few times, i even restarted the phone a few time 7 realised i had not installed BSD subsystem... i did that in the middle as well.. but nothing..

    my SIM is still in it & i get network & i can continue using 1.1.2, but this UPGRADE is not working..

    Any help or any other method i can use to upgrade to 1.1.3 ( i have the ipsw file downloaded anyways)
    2008-02-17 06:33 AM