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  1. lobotion's Avatar
    Hi I have 2g 16gb iphone with 1.1.4 with tmobile . Now I would like to upgrade to 2.0 but I dont wont to lose anything I read some people lose wifi,service youtube etc . Which would be the safe sofeware to use ? quickpwn,winpwn, ziphone. I read that quickpwn does it without a restore.Any comments ?Thanks
    2008-08-31 04:30 PM
  2. deadicatedartist's Avatar
    I also have the same question. I have read mostly there are problems with 2.0.2, not to mention not everything seems to be supported.

    I am thinking about going to 2.0.1, and then jailbreaking, as long as that is possible and it works well.

    I think Quickpwn would be the easiest, but for me I have to use Pwnage because I do not want to unlock and I want to customize my own .ipsw.
    2008-08-31 04:34 PM