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    Hi all, i have just got my first iphone and I'm more that pleased with it. I do however have a couple of questions that i hope can be answered.

    1 backing up contact details. I do not want to mix it with my WAB on XP, is there a way to back these details up. I know that the phone gets backed up when you connect but i cant find where it's backed up to.

    2 I have a converter that i downloaded from itunes, since i synced my phone this has stopped working even though no apps where seen in itunes. I am guessing that they also have been backed up somewhere but how do i get it back and working on the phone.

    3 Ringtones, i have made some ringtones using the method described on youtube, i made the AAC file then altered the extension to M4R the biggest of which is only 340kb. I can see them with itunes in the rintone folder on the phone but when i look on the phone where rintones are they are not there.

    mundane stuff for you guys i know but i hope someone can help me out. I have read some of the other posting but they never seem to lead to a conclusion
    2008-09-03 11:31 AM