hi everyone

    just received my iphone , i red all the wikis and done the things .

    first tested ibrickr , all is working my iphone is well detected etc and i have the success at the end , but when my iphon reboot its the same start with activate iphone contect to itune etc and slide to emergency

    i tried many times i restored and tested again but no luck the iphone still not unlock for ipod wifi etc .

    so tried jailbreaker ms dos command my iphone detected no problems i do all the thing the job is done but when my iphone rebooted the same think the iphone is not unlocked so don't know what is the probleme cause the appz work but no results .

    if someone got a solution don't know what is the probleme cause all steps works but not the ipshone thx for your help
    2007-08-26 07:43 PM
  2. Jimbo's Avatar
    The phone will look the same when you reboot it after jailbreaking it, that's normal. What the jailbreak does is allow you to access the entire phone directory structure and modify files using various tools.
    2007-08-26 10:46 PM