1. shawnhale05's Avatar
    hey guys, i have read some about the apple logo of death and from the little i know, it looks like if you get it, you're pretty much out of luck (unless rumors of 2.1 fixing it are true)

    luckily i just bought the new 3g and i don't have any problems like this. but my friend now has my old iphone and within three days he has this problem. i jailbroke the phone for him at request right before i gave it to him, worked perfect. after a few days he starts messing with different programs on his computer trying to manipulate the phone (i'm not sure which programs, but he was trying to unlock the phone) and all of a sudden his phone won't go past the apple logo at start up and itunes won't recognize his phone. I didn't have time to look into fixing it and i couldn't find much help with a PINEapple logo problem, so i just told him to kill the battery completely. (for no particular reason really)

    So we let the battery run dead. He plugged it into his computer and held down the home button with the phone off (supposedly forced itunes to read the phone? i didn't know this but that is what he told me). SO now itunes recognized the phone. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? i know a while back before firmware 2.0 there was a long method to completely restore the phone, can i do that somehow?

    any help is appreciated. i know nothing about messing with the software after firmware 2.0. the appstore relieved my need for a jailbroken phone so i stopped messing with it. thank you!
    2008-09-09 07:22 AM
  2. satch2501's Avatar
    blog.iphone-dev.org Look around and you will find all of the tools. If you are on pc, you will need winpwn and on mac, pwnage tool. Thes two tools will build custom firmwares that once built, you will restore your phone with it. If itunes recognizes your friend's phone, then you can shift click restore (on pc) or option click restore (on mac) and pick your newly created custom firmware and your phone will boot up and be unlocked, jailbroken and activated. If your friend's phone is a 3 G, it will be jailbroken and activated. There is no unlock as of yet for the 3G unless you use a turbo sim card.
    2008-09-09 01:04 PM