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    Hey guys, I'm in a rotten situation. Perhaps you can help. I've scoured the forums for a possible solution here but I think I'm totally SOL. I've seen lots of people with similar issues but nobody with exactly the same. Let me give a detailed background as to what I'm dealing with:

    I got a 3g iPhone the week that 2.0.2 came out. I'm not sure what firmware came on it since it updated when I synced it the first time. Within two days I jailbroke it using WinPwn 2.5. I did a custom file and the full deal as it didn't take when I tried QuickPwn. I had problems with no bars/not activated and youtube not working, but this was fixed when I re-did it without activation. This worked fine for a week, and then the problems started.

    Here are the symptoms:

    -iPhone is not recognized by any computer. On PCs - "USB Device Not Recognized - One of the devices attached to the computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it." Shows as unknown device in device manager under USB. No message on a mac. Nothing in system profiler. I have tried a different cable so that isn't the problem.

    -battery indicator does not show lightning bolt when plugged in, and does other goofy stuff. The first day I noticed the problems I had it plugged into the wall overnight, and in the morning when I unplugged it it showed 10% battery-- that's what it was at the night before. After cursing it and plugging it into the PC and unplugging it and then resetting it showed full charge. the next night plugged into the wall it didn't show a difference in charge at all. 1/3 the night before, 1/3 in the morning. When I plugged it into my PC it mysteriously jumped to a little over half. Yesterday during the day I watched it as it was plugged into a computer and the charge seemed to be increasing, but I noticed it wobbled back and forth some. No sense is being made, and I'm guessing this is a hardware issue.

    The problem now, of course, is how to get Apple to replace it. I made the mistake of letting WinPwn change the boot and restore screens. Now even if I get rid of Cydia and Installer they will know without their USB dealy that I jailbroke it. HOWEVER, everything works when it has a charge, and I don't know how much longer it will continue. Everybody else with the device not recognized problem can't get their iPhone to charge at all. I have tried recovery mode and this doesn't change the fact that the computer doesn't recognize the device at all. I don't want to put it into DFU mode because I know you can't get out once going in.

    Here's the two ideas I have at this point: either figure out a way to change the boot and restore screens and remove traces they might be able to see (since I bet their USB hookup won't work to test for jailbreaking if it isn't recognized by computers), OR figure out how to kill the damn thing completely / make it totally messed up in a way they are used to seeing. I'm not shelling out $600 after dropping $300 two weeks ago.

    BTW I have OpenSSH and MobileTerminal installed and I'm wondering if that might help.

    Thanks in advance!
    2008-09-10 06:03 PM
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    Put the phone in DSU mode and iTunes will recognize it, restore to stock firmware.
    2008-09-10 06:10 PM
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    Same result in DFU mode. I tried it a few times and isntead of popping up about the Apple Recovery business it brings up the same USB device not recognized message. Should I blend it?
    2008-09-11 05:26 AM
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    I figured I'd update my own thread in case anybody has the same problems out there and finds this.

    My battery charge indicator is messed up, so after charging overnight it shows the same amount of charge as it had when I plugged it in. This is remedied by turning off the iphone and leaving it off for a few minutes before turning it back on. Turning it off and right back on or resetting it does not work.

    I still can't interface with the computer and thus cannot change any of my files on it. Is there a way to add/change/remove music, videos, ringtones, pictures etc. on there? I've got Installer and Cydia if I need anything like terminal or OpenSSH.
    2008-10-15 07:20 PM

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