1. Bigperm26's Avatar
    I think I understand the difference (not all the technical stuff) between the two.

    Basically Quickpwn allows you to jailbreak (and unlock?) without creating a custom Firmware.

    Winpwn allows you to jailbreak and unlock (I know for sure because I used it and I have T-Mobile) but it needs to use iTunes to restore a custom firmware that it creates using the original firmware.

    Since I've been having some problems with my recently winpwned 2g iphone (2.0.2 firmware) and I can't figure out why, but have discussed with others on this forum to at least narrow it down to winpwn 2.5 (not the program, but the custom FW), would it be better to use Quickpwn instead? Maybe not better, but in this case, worth trying to see if my problem goes away? My problem is that my phone freezes (always in Cydia) and forces me to restore. I never had the problem with 1.1.4.

    Basically, can I restore to factory 2.0.2, then use quickpwn to jailbreak and unlock 2.0.2? Does quickpwn do everything winpwn does? I don't need custom boot logos (although they are cool). I'm a casual user that loves Cydia, Intelliscreen, Snapture and theming my phone.

    I have researched these forums, but believe it or not, I'm still unclear on the exact differences.

    Any answers would be MUCH appreciated!

    2008-09-12 11:42 PM
  2. dansan8991's Avatar
    No, its better to use winpwn 2.5 instead of quickpwn because its more recent and accustomed to newer firmwares. i tried the quickpwn before and it worked a while back, but i had to restore it to 1.1.4, but after i tried again to upgrade to 2.0 again and it wouldn't work anymore...i tried this and it was perfect.
    it helps you choose what you want exactly and does it perfectly for you according to your needs: it lets you choose if you want to activate or not, if you want the bootneuter or not, if you want cydia, installer or both, and if you want logos for ur phone...its really kool and easy to follow the directions for even the expert mode (which is a mode to follow to unlock ur phone, its better and works better)
    so its upto you to choose but for recent firmwares winpwn 2.5 is the best!
    all u have to do is pick yes or no the whole time and after you've made ur custom firmware, it will even display ur logo on ur iphone telling you that its ready for restore! so its pretty much guaranteed success

    (but i had a problem with itunes after i upgraded with winpwn 2.5, but i reinstalled it and it was perfect again)
    2008-09-13 01:46 AM