1. frrok's Avatar
    hey guys, im new here, my first post. after extensive researching and using search on here I still can't seem to solve this minor issue I'm having with one of my mail accounts after quikpwning. mail app says I have one unread message for one of my mail accounts but it turns out to be a blank space. I cant delete it or mark it as read. very weird. I havent tried re-pwing,(will that delete all my tweeks and cydia apps?) anyway, I can kind of live with it, cuz pwning my phone opened a whole new world for me. but still kind of a pain to see that number 1 on springboard everyday......urgggghh.
    2008-09-13 05:43 AM
  2. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    have you try to log in on your computer..perhaps you can delete from there.
    2008-09-13 05:51 AM