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    Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has had this problem. Recently upgraded to 2.1 from 2.0 using pwnage on OSX. Everything seems to be working, however, I can't access the App store on my Iphone. I get an error saying Cannot retrieve download information. Please connect with Itunes....I then hit dismiss and it says Cannot connect to itunes store.

    Advise anyone? I'm on a 1st generation 2g 4gb iphone fyi...
    2008-09-17 12:26 AM
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    I'm also having this issue and apparently so is alot of google....
    1st gen iPhone custom pwn’d
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    2008-09-22 03:36 PM
  3. bhz1's Avatar
    Plug your phone into iTunes and let it be recognized, then unplug it and try to connect to AppStore. I recently discovered that at least on my iphone, I have intermittent internet connectivity (wifi) and by plugging into iTunes, it allows my wifi to connect.

    Another thing- can you log onto any websites in Safari when this happens?
    2008-09-22 06:08 PM
  4. khmersta's Avatar
    try rebooting it and then opening the application again. if that doesn't work, connect to itunes and when syncing delete the apps and then reinstall them.
    2008-09-23 08:18 AM
  5. rcfa's Avatar
    I have googled the issue using the error messages as search strings:

    "Cannot retrieve download information" "Please connect with iTunes" "Cannot connect to iTunes Store"

    While there may be more causes for the same error message, in my case CLEARLY it's not any of the reasons people claim are the reason:

    a) in Apple - Support - Discussions - Serious problem with AppStore/iTunes ... the "answer" Apple iTMS maintenance. Not the case I have this issue 24*7*365

    b) others suggested to reauthorize the iPhone with iTunes, wrong again.

    c) there were other suggestions, like hard-reboot the iPhone, etc. which again are all wrong.

    Here is what I have figured out: if I turn off WiFi, it works over EDGE. If I go to a public hotspot I know in a nearby coffee shop, it works over WiFi.

    In other words, there is an issue with CERTAIN, but not all WiFi networks.

    I have searched (to no avail) if the mobile version of the iTunes store uses different ports or requires otherwise specific firewall settings. Couldn't find anything. Regular services (Safari, Facebook, Skype, VNC, ssh, etc.) work from iPhone and Mac, iTMS works from Mac, but not from iPhone when on my home WiFi network (Apple AirPort plus ZyWall gateway).

    My suspicion is that the app tries to create a tunnel, and since some ISPs already create a tunnel to connect their clients into their backbones, there might be issues with tunneling a tunnel, VPN passthrough, or other such things.

    Since Apple doesn't seem to know what's going on, and since most users seem to try voodoo rather than analyzing this problem in a more scientific way, this is likely to stay with us for a while...

    Anyway I hope my post can help tracking this issue down...
    2009-04-19 11:31 AM
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    You revibved a 7 month old thread? The OP said he was on FW 2.1 - what FW are you on? What security do you have on your home WiFi?
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2009-04-19 01:20 PM