1. Zameus's Avatar
    Need help to restore to custom 2.01 firmware. I've messed up my 1st gen. iphone. I have restored it back to factory default settings to 2.01. When I put in my t-mobile sim card, I get the message: Different SIM card detected, Please connect to iTunes. And I can't get back to my normal springboard.

    I've tried restoring back to my custom 2.01 ispw that I made with winpwn but during the process I keep getting "error 1602".

    Which sim card should I be using? I have my t-mobile sim card that I've been using all along. I also have the ATT sim card. Does it matter which card I have in during the restore back to custom 2.01 ispw? Please help!!
    2008-09-18 06:04 PM
  2. greatnesstx's Avatar
    It shouldnt matter if you have Tmobile, I have tmobile. Well I suggest to update to 2.1
    you can update it by using these CFW this guy made.I used them and my iphone works flawlessly

    Note I didnt put my phone in DFU mode I just plugged it in to itunes hit shift retsore and selected the CFW I just downloaded. Please let me know if that helps here is the link to the CFW

    2008-09-18 06:10 PM