1. rwfanatic's Avatar
    Alright I have a problem....

    If you are using quickpwn. You dont have to be in DFU until later. This is what i did. I gathered everything necessary in that tutorial, i plug my iphone in, let it sync one last time. Then i shift and click restore, and located the newest firmware 2.1
    once that is all done, just follow what it asks in quickpwn
    I did that and once it was done I got the screen in itunes saying that the phone has been restored to factory settings and it was gonna restart blah, blah, blah..... But once the phone restarted I get the screen with the itunes logo and the usb cord saying slide for emergency image..... So after that I put the phone into recovery mode(holding the home and power button) and went into itunes to restore AGAIN and once again after it was done doing it's thing I'm back to the itunes logo and usb cord image WHAT DO I DO NOW?
    2008-09-23 06:29 AM
  2. khmersta's Avatar
    you have to put it in DFU mode and let quickpwn do the work.
    2008-09-23 07:01 AM