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    I'm new to the iphone world. Just got it a few days ago. I got 3G with FW version 2.1 after getting the phone I ran the update.

    My questions are what is the best jailbreaking for windows and my iphone ? What have users had good experiences with ? If I run a backup before I jailbreak my phone will it re-write the files back the way they were ?

    I was told winpwn was good software so I went ahead with it. I was also looking at iliberty but winpwn I believe I will use..

    just looking for any help and suggestions...Thanks all....

    EDIT: I found the answers I was looking for about restoring the phone to original settings in case I have problems. that problem is solved...

    I guess my other question was I run a computer business and I want to VPN into my computer and download files if need be. Does jail breaking allow that kind of stuff ? I think I'm going to try a jailbreak in a few days I just want to make sure I got everything down before proceeding...One last thing does anyone know of any 3rd party software I can use to run backup other then itunes ?

    Also what is the best program ? WINpwn ??
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