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    Hey all i have the original Iphone 8gb jailbroken running on 1.14. Today i downloaded the summerboard theme and also downloaded a different keyboard.

    Basically i uninstalled summerboard and the keyboard because i did not like it and the keyboard has diappeared all together all i can see if the work search.

    I have tried rebooting and restoring but nothing is helping it is still not there.

    I have seen threads saying replace the keyboard with a working park but i am a complete noob i dint jailbreak mine it was jailbroken when i bought it.

    The phone is impossible to use as i cannot see any keys on the keypad.

    Please help me out with a step guide or something i dont know anything i would appreciate this alot please someone really need to sort this out.


    i also am using windows vista on my laptop i dont have a mac i donno if this makes a difference
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    2008-09-24 03:12 AM
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    upgrade to 2.1
    2008-09-24 03:53 AM
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    Come on now, no need for multiple threads.
    2008-09-24 03:55 AM