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    Hi Guys, when the phone is on the homescreen, the time up in the status bar is white but if I hit settings or any other screen, it defaults to black...obviously. How can I keep the time white in status bar regardless of where i am in the phone?

    2008-09-24 06:28 AM
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    i need this exact same thing... craziest thing is i changed it once while trying to change something else but don't remember now. that was early on and now that i'm actually GOOD at modding it's the last thing i want and the only thing i CAN'T find!

    *deep breath, haha

    i actually found it tonight... i had found the same post before but apparently i did it wrong. i forget who posted the answer so i apologize for not giving them credit but i wanted to post it for you because i know how hard it was for me to find this...

    you edit the info.plist file located at Library/Themes/"themename".name
    add: <key>TimeStyle</key>
    and you're all set... i'm still looking for a way to change the carrier color the same way but i think that'll be a little easier to find.
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    2009-10-12 07:52 AM
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    did you ever figure out how to change the carrier color? i'm pretty much having the same problem you guys were having with the time. on the homescreen, the carrier is white and since my statusbar is also white, i cant see it.

    in any application, its fine because the fonts change to black. i just want the carrier color to be black on the homescreen!!

    ps - i've found how to change the carrier color IF you haven't changed it via MIM, Fake Carrier, or Extended Prefs. (ex: it still says AT&T)
    2009-11-21 11:17 PM
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    no, no such luck for me... i've actually given up on searching for the solution. just haven't had time with other things, it still pisses me off though because it's basically the last thing i want to mod in my theme haha. if i ever figure it out i'll be sure to post it though.
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    2009-11-28 08:16 AM