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    Hi all iPhone owners. (this is my first post)

    The problem started when I upgraded to 2.0.
    So I figured.. if I downgrade the phone the problems should go away.

    I followed a guide at youtube explaining how I should proceed, and so I did.
    I downgraded the phone succefully but my WiFi keept disconnecting and not work at the most of the time.

    The phone is jailbraked with ziPhone. I've also tried iLiberty but the problem remains.

    I've restored it several times with iTunes but it still remains.

    //About the Phone//
    Iphone 1.1
    Modem Firmware 04.04.05_G
    Bootloader Version 3.9_M3S2

    Neuter ON
    FakeBlank OFF
    //About the Phone//

    * I've resetted my network settings
    * Restored the phone several times
    * Jailbreaked with ziPhone & iLiberty
    * Removed all known networks from my list and added them again.

    The problem in detail:
    Sometimes I cant even find any networks.
    Sometimes I can find them but I cant join them.
    Sometimes I can join the network but the WiFi Logo dissapears when I leave Settings.
    The WiFi can sometimes work for a few minutes and sometimes it does not work at all.
    Its offline at the most of the time...

    I've tried several networks but the problem remains. Im sure somebody has the same problem! (Im sure it aint any problems with my router, I have a "Netgear WGR614v6 RV", Im running two laptops at home and there is no problems at all with them!)

    Im happy for every tip I can get! Thanks!

    Please guys help me out!
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