1. itsjustlenny's Avatar
    so i've used pwnage tool several times to upgrade my fw. and i've been on 2.0.1 for a while now and i want to finally update it. do i still use pwnage tool and if so, i went to their website and it said to download a bootloader? i am suppose to download these files?

    here is my info:
    3g iphone
    fw 2.0.1
    i've already pwned it before
    and im on a mac
    itunes 7

    not really looking to update itunes, but will if and only IF i really need to.

    thanks guys.
    2008-09-26 04:27 AM
  2. Zwayne's Avatar
    You will have to update to itune 8.0 to be able to update your phone to 2.1 f/w. You don't need the bootloader files b/c you cant unlock it by software.
    2008-09-26 05:11 AM