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    I had successfully jailbroken my iphone, everything was fine for a day or two until I tried to install a theme.

    My phone froze, I couldn't interact with the screen in any way. I couldn't turn the phone off or do anything with it. I left the phone overnight the next day it was still frozen.

    I restored my phone through itunes and everything seemed to go fine (what I didn't realize at the time was that some applications that I had put into the categories app were missing) so I re-jailbroke my phone.

    The jailbreaking process went fine but this is when I noticed that the installer app and cydia were nowhere to be found. This is when I also realized that every app that I had put into a category was missing.

    Since cydia and installer are not showing up I cant install the categories app to try and solve this problem.

    I'm new to the whole jailbreaking process so I'm kinda stumped as to what I can do to solve this issue.

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can get my apps back?
    2008-10-04 12:23 PM
  2. mad_llib's Avatar
    this happened to me... you need to rePwn, from a previous build. Then, BEFORE you restore all your contaqcts and stuff by resyncing it with iTunes, you should have cydia and installer on your phone. Install POOF or Categories, and make sure to go through and set it so ALL your programs are visible... then go ahead and resync all your contacts, apps, and setting from a back-up
    2008-10-04 01:00 PM
  3. unabatedshagie's Avatar
    I'm not sure what you mean by a previous build?

    Could someone explain step-by-step what I need to do to solve this?
    2008-10-04 02:36 PM
  4. unabatedshagie's Avatar
    2008-10-05 08:39 PM
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    I did the exact same thing. I decided to re-jailbreak my 2.1 3g to 2.2 (I use AT&T). I had even installed Aptbackup, so I could reload all my apps once I was re-jailbroken. Problem was, I forgot to actually do the backup. The bigger problem was that all my apps that were in categories folders (like Cydia) were nowhere to be found.

    Simply go to Settings>General>Restrictions. Enable the Restrictions (just enter in 1,2,3,4), then right away disable them.

    All your apps, including Cydia, should be back on your springboard.
    2008-11-26 11:58 AM
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    2008-12-16 06:51 PM

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