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  1. Lonestar87's Avatar
    wow i hate vista, i cant wait till i get a freakin mac!!!! my problem is jailbreak working with vista, try following the windows 101 tutorial, but, it only shows for Windows XP not vista, and there are alot of differences between the two, got far enough into jail break until it says BOOTING IPHONE, then nothing, i tried everything, any VISTA users got any tips??
    2007-09-03 09:16 AM
  2. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    I'm on Vista...and had no problems jailbreaking my phone.
    Try to do it as Administrator.

    or try iBrickr.
    2007-09-03 11:22 AM
  3. Gazoo's Avatar
    iBrickr works terrific on Vista machines. I've done all my mods using it.
    2007-09-03 03:32 PM
  4. JedixJarf's Avatar
    Vista works fine for me.
    2007-09-03 06:02 PM
  5. edw1nk's Avatar
    I'm on Vista...and had no problems jailbreaking my phone.
    Try to do it as Administrator.

    or try iBrickr.
    i think ibrickr is the easiest method to jailbreak your phone right now. no problems with vista.
    2007-09-03 06:17 PM
  6. Lonestar87's Avatar
    ok ill try that thanks for the advice!
    2007-09-03 11:26 PM
  7. Maui's Avatar
    I must be doing something wrong because I can't get jailbreak to work. It gets to the point of rebooting the phone then just stops. I let it hang there for 10 minutes and nothing ever happened.

    The directions indicate that you need to tell iTunes to restore your phone, then unplug the phone before iTunes restores the phone. I'm guessing once the yellow triangle shows up you're supposed to plug the phone back in. I am doing this right?
    2007-09-04 03:09 AM
  8. Lonestar87's Avatar
    oh man, you guys saved me a lot of time!!! ibricker is great!!! thanks again!!!
    2007-09-05 12:20 AM
  9. sogo's Avatar
    I'm on Vista...and had no problems jailbreaking my phone.
    Try to do it as Administrator.

    or try iBrickr.
    2007-09-05 12:38 AM
  10. DoocesWild's Avatar
    If you're using vista, my problem was that I didn't close "ituneshelper" (Process). After that you don't have to worry about iTunes, because it won't open automatically. Then using iBrickr, you should be pretty foolproof. Try and do a restore before you run iBrickr too, see if that helps.
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    2007-09-05 01:09 AM
  11. Maui's Avatar
    That did the trick however I'm not sure what I just did and how it will help me.
    2007-09-05 04:51 AM
  12. celtic67!'s Avatar

    i've been using Ibrickr to jailbreak my iphone but when i get to the following screen:

    Restart your iPhone in Restore mode
    Okay, now you need to restart your iPhone in Restore mode. First, shut off your iPhone by holding the Power button (on the top-right of the phone), and sliding the red slider.
    When your iPhone is off, turn it on. As soon as the grey Apple logo shows up, press and hold both the Home and Power buttons until a yellow triangle appears.

    Modifying iPhone
    Please wait while your iPhone is modified.
    If iTunes is running, ignore all messages from it.

    This process should take about 3-4 minutes, but it could take as long as 10 minutes. If it takes any longer, close iBrickr, restart your phone, and try again.

    Nothing happens! I have left it for up to 20 minutes and still nothing. Also the screen on my phone has the yellow triangle but the rest of the screen is green. Can anyone help me?
    2007-09-10 05:22 PM
  13. MSHax's Avatar
    I run Vista on most of my PC's the only one that I have problems with is my office pc which has Vista 64. 64=no iphone
    2007-09-11 05:59 AM
  14. bluemax189's Avatar
    i use vista as well, however im doing it old school with the command prompts, well not so much anymore thanks to installer.
    2007-09-11 01:51 PM
  15. ComputerGeek96's Avatar
    for enabling root access, AppTapp is better than even ibrickr. with apptapp, you don't have to restart your phone a bunch of times and it installs the right away which is the gateway to a new world!!

    also, inline with this thread. I am using vista on several machines and none had a problem with jailbreak.
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    2007-09-11 05:08 PM