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    Hi Guys,

    Firstly this is my first post on the website after a couple of weeks running through it all. Its an impressive site guys, well done!

    I'm trying to find some sort of guide on how to upgrade my phone to 1.1.4 from 1.0.2 and keep it unlocked for my orange sim card. I also still want the ability to add 3rd Party apps and what not.

    Any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated.



    P.S. I have tried to look for this before just asking for the answers but there are so many different posts out there on unlocking I'm not sure where to start. Plus I'm fairly new to the whole iphone thing. cheers anywa.
    2008-02-28 10:13 AM
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    First off... dont go to 1.1.4 yet. Use 1.1.3, its more stable jailbreak right now.

    Download the firmware for 1.1.3 here: http://www.modmyi.com/forums/downloads.php

    Delete your 3rd party apps..you will have to reload them later.

    Connect your iphone to itunes and click Shift and Update at the same time for windows, Option and Update for Mac OS X. Point the it to the 1.1.3 file you saved on your desktop and Let it update. Use Ziphone then to jailbreak, activate(should take 2 minutes). Once that is done, go to installer and update BSD Subsystem to 2.1 and Community sources to 3.6 if needed. Reboot your iphone for good measure. Go back to installer and install anysim 1.3, put your iphone in Airplane mode, unlock your iphone. You're good to go. If you have no sound, go to settings, general, reset and reset all settings.
    2008-02-28 02:59 PM
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    I'm a PC user mate. Does the Ziphone programme not work on Macs only?

    I'm a PC user mate. Does the Ziphone programme not work on Macs only?
    ....cracking use of the english language there!
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    2008-02-28 04:06 PM
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    no, ziphone has a windows GUI also. Zibri has it in his blog.
    2008-02-28 05:03 PM