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    Hi. My 2g iPhone wifi radio went dead and I upgraded to a 3g iPhone.

    Hence I now have an unactivated iphone 2g with no way to access the internet. No worries since the goal was use it as an unlocked phone for travel. I used Quickpwn2.1 & fully restored the phone. Then I jailbroke and unlocked it. However, it wants me to reconnect to iTunes when I popped another sim in it.

    Is the unlock supposed to work this way? How can I make it a true unlocked phone (iTunes free)when changing sims?

    Is it worth picking up a goPhone sim just so I can use edge to dload ssh?

    Is there a way to create a 2.1 or 2.2 firmware build with ssh built in on windows?

    So far, the iClarified solution requires a mac.

    Any help or pointers to the right web resources would be helpful.

    2008-11-27 10:27 PM

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