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    OK guys so this is my story. I have an iphone 3G that was jailbroken and unlocked with a univ sim..so anyway, the earpeice stopped working. it was a hardware issue...so anyway i called apple and they said to bring the phone to the apple store near me to fix it. so i put 2.1 on my phone without it being jailbroken so that i could take my phone to get fixed. well they didnt fix it cuz i didnt have an AT&T sim so thats whatever. so I went home and I was trying to put 2.2 jailbreak back on it but I accidentally put 2.2 regular on it. So i noticed it and when I try to put 2.2 jailbroken back on it i get error 21....when i try and downgrade to 2.1 jailbroken so that Ican go back and put 2.2 jailbroken on it i get error 1310 i think is what it is..or 1030 or something like that...so can anyone help me?? im not great at all this but I can handle my own I just cant figure this out.

    Thanks guys!!!
    2008-12-03 11:47 PM
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    Your gonna have to explain what exactly you did....so we can tell you where you went wrong.

    And you must have gotten a "bad apple" at the Apple store, cause I exchanged several without a simcard in them
    2008-12-04 12:23 AM
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    ok ill start off with the steps that Idid all together.

    I had 2.2 jail broken. I then put 2.1 normal on with itunes. Ithen acidentally put 2.2 normal on with itunes. Then i tryed putting 2.2 jailbroken on but i got error 21. so Itryed putting 2.1 normal back on but after everything went through I got error 1310 or w/e.

    Thanks guys, this phone is my baby and I really cant shell out $ to get another.

    scratch that. i get error 1013 lol

    O and BTW, can you tell me exacly what you did when you exchanged your I phone?? they told me i couldnt but I might have went at it the wrong way...
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    2008-12-04 03:26 AM
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    Well there's not a good way to downgrade back to 2.1, so thats messed you up.

    I would try this, placing the phone into DFU mode (has to be DFU) and then restore to 2.2

    And as far as Apple, I hand em a phone, say whatever the problem is....tell them I took the simcard out and stuck it into my "other" phone to use. Never had a problem, and I exchanged several.

    It specifically says in their warranty agreement that the warranty "Is not dependent on activation", which means just that.
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    2008-12-04 03:35 AM
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    ok cool. so do i restore back to 2.2 regular or jailbroken...

    ok cool, ill give it a shot.

    ok. so I got my iphone back to normal. 2.2 jailbroken....the problem I am having now is its not picking up service. I use tmobile so obviously it has some kind of sim reader atached to it..is this a problem since I updated to 2.2 normal? would it have effected it?

    lol, NVM. after some research i figured out that my baseband is fudged up...o well. i guess i will have to either get a new phone or buy a new sim adapter....grrrr
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    2008-12-04 06:42 AM
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    when you updated to 2.2 normal you updated the baseband which the turbo/universal sim cards dont work for you need to downgrade somehow to 2.1 baseband.
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    2008-12-04 08:34 AM
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    ya but u cant do tht right now Idont think
    2008-12-04 05:07 PM
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    now downgrade iphone 3g from v2.2 to 2.1 or 2.0xx


    hi to all
    today it's possible to downgrade iphone 3g from v2.2 to 2.0 or 2.1
    after i update my iphone to v2.2 Will not be able to jailbreak and
    unlock with universal sim but after i try this way it's downgrade 100%
    first u need :
    1- QuickPwn 2.1
    2- 2.1 firmware or 2.0.0 firmware like u want
    3- ZiPhone patched by kIREmK
    4- itunes last
    step by step

    1-use ziphone to downgrade baseband( like the photo showes)
    2-now restore firmware useing itunes with firmware u want v2.1 or 2.0xx
    3-after that u have to use quickpwn to unlock joilbreak with the same
    firmware flash file u restore
    4-insert your universal sim and enjoy your phone

    after u finished restor firmware on itunes u will get this error( it's normel )
    just go and use quickpwn
    and everything is fine
    note ..... for quickpwn i use this v quickpwn2.1-1
    here is link to download
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    ziphone by kremik

    4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download [En] ZiPhone patched by kIREmK 04.05.04_G.rar
    2008-12-06 07:39 PM
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    1-use ziphone to downgrade baseband( like the photo showes)
    alright so when i do this i have the iphone firmware downgraded but when i open Ziphone and check downgrade baseband and check debug boot it says "This application has failed to start because iTunesMobileDevice.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

    How can i fix it? wwhat am i doing wrong?
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    2008-12-07 08:55 PM