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  1. thecowboyblack's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to fish around, as this is really frustrating me.

    I've read posts about this all over the net (not just here) and while many are having this issue there seems to be no solid fix for it.

    I have a 3G and upgraded to 2.2 2 days ago Everything is fine except CYDIA, it brings me to the screen "who are you" and then when I click "user" it then crashes and brings me back to my springboard.

    So Far I Have

    Cracked with Pwnage Tool 2.2.1

    Cracked with Quick Pwn 2.2

    Cracked with Pwnage Tool 2.2.1 then cracked over with Quick Pwn 2.2

    This seems to be a major issue all over the place,

    Can anyone give a Clear, Definitive solution to all this?

    Thanks in Advance!

    "lately it seems everyone's into what's popular....."
    2008-12-05 12:25 AM
  2. SeXPiSToL's Avatar
    Are you using Apple's 2.2 update file with Quickpwn2.2? So that's shift+restore with your modified firmware in iTunes and Apple's 2.2 update firmware in Quickpwn. Also I had the same problem using Windows Vista but used a Windows XP computer with Quickpwn2.2 and now Cydia is working fine.

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    2008-12-06 02:58 PM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    After doing the restore to 2.2... make sure you set up the phone as NEW in iTunes..not from back-up.
    2008-12-06 03:05 PM
  4. SeXPiSToL's Avatar
    After doing the restore to 2.2... make sure you set up the phone as NEW in iTunes..not from back-up.
    I am not sure this matters as I set mine up from the back-up I made as I needed to get all my notes I had made, now mine is jailbroken with 2.2 and have all my notes/calender entries/photo's plus now I have 8 pages of Apps!

    2008-12-06 03:14 PM
  5. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Well in most cases where people are having issues it's because restoring from back-up re-writes all the plist files back to the phone.... and if the phone isn't in a configuration that has exactly the same file paths as before then this causes crashing issues.
    2008-12-06 03:18 PM
  6. thecowboyblack's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all your quick replys and help.

    In my case I done ANOTHER jailbreak and restore, as was posted in other threads but not really stressed NOTHING SHOULD BE SELECTED UNDER THE CYDIA TAB!!! NOTHING!!!

    Just had to click through and select nothing but installer and Pwnage Tool done the trick for me.

    Just wanted to report back incase any one else had this issue..

    Thanks again

    "lately it seems everyone's into what's popular....."
    2008-12-09 09:03 PM
  7. Spliffaliciou's Avatar
    this completely fixed my issue on my 2.2 (5G77) 2.28.00 16Gb

    2008-12-27 12:39 AM

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