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  1. Enigma85's Avatar
    is there any back way to restore/downgrade back to firmware 1.0? itunes won't. I bought it a few days ago with 1.0 firmware and everything was working great.

    well so i decided to upgrade to 1.0.2 seeing how you can customize it with ibrickr. well when i upgraded i lost all sounds except my ringtone.
    i can hear the ringtone play through the headphones and normal speaker but ipod,keyboard,misc sounds don't work at all. of course apple was no help.

    i tried reset,restore, and the headphone jack trick, nothing works. apple is sending a box to send it to a repair shop but i don't wanna have to wait cause their update screwed up my iphone. any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. working off a windows pc.
    2007-09-11 10:06 PM
  2. eg6motion's Avatar
    if you bought it from apple, return it or tell them you want a loaner. Go back to the store you bought it from, they have loaners there.
    2007-09-11 10:10 PM
  3. Enigma85's Avatar
    they said it would be a $30 charge to get a loaner. and i don't see why i would have to pay that for their stupid update. so i refuse to pay for it. i got a backup phone but it really isn't as cool but it will due for now.
    2007-09-11 10:13 PM