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  1. dooodstevenn's Avatar
    hey, this is my first time trying to jailbreak and unlock any phone, i was wondering which program is the best to do it, and if i have a later, older firmware do i have to jail break all the way up to the newest firmware?

    ex. i have 2.0 firmware

    the newest firmware is 2.5

    jailbreak / unlock is out for 2.5

    can i go straight from the regular non-jailbroken, or unlocked iphone firmware 2.0 and staight to the jail broken 2.5 firmware? or do i have to update firmware from apple 1 by 1 until i get to the 2.5 then find the jailbreak for 2.5

    or do i have to find the jailbreak for 2.0, then 2.1 and so on all the way up to 2.5?

    any other additional info on how to jailbreak/unlock the (2g) iphone (first iphone, not 3g) would be greatly appreciated
    2009-02-03 06:55 AM
  2. dejawoo's Avatar
    1st of all,the newest firmware is 2.2.1...But my advise to you go to 2.2.
    * Plug into iTunes and sync your contacts.
    * Restore to itunes(not update).
    * Use quickpwn to jb&ul with
    * Set up the phone as NEW in iTunes and recync your contacts.
    iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your 2.x.x 2G iPhone Using QuickPwn (Windows)
    2009-02-03 11:40 AM