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  1. 28skater28's Avatar
    Okay so I installed boss prefs and the SB settings packages and on my SB settings dock I had the Poof app and Cydia. I restored my iPhone 3g with the same 2.2.1 firmware and restored from backup and everything and when I re-jailbroke my iPhone with QuickPwn I get the installer app on my springboard but I dont get cyda. I know it is probably still on the dock in SB Settings, but I cant seem to find a source on Installer that lets me install Boss Prefs. SO I was wondering if anybody had a solution because I dont thing Boss Prefs will appear on Installer 4 anytime soon and I have no Cydia. So unless anybody can please help me with this problem I am stuck with no Cydia.

    Please Help!

    Thank You!
    2009-02-07 09:43 PM
  2. dejawoo's Avatar
    If Cydia is hidden,you can use Apt-get and install Quickgold from the SSH prompt to unhide its icon.If it does not solve,you can use iPhoneBrowser and delete the files located at/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ and the reboot your phone...
    2009-02-08 11:48 PM