1. 613BulletProof's Avatar
    hey everyone,
    just got a question about unlocking an iphone 3g.
    ok so i know that the phone has to be firmware 2.2 and the baseband must be 2.28. Ok the part i dont get is that in order to unlock it i have to have the sim card i want to use in the iphone. i have a tmobile sim card. i thought if i put my sim card in a stock iphone 3g ill get some error message or the emergency calls only? am i correct? how am i suppose to even navigate around my phone. if i jailbreak my phone first will i be able to use cydia on my iphone with a tmobile sim card?

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    2009-02-09 12:22 AM
  2. captainjapanicq's Avatar
    You will get an error message if you insert a different sim card into the phone. Just jailbrake the phone install cydia, you can connect to the net through wifi then install Yellowsn0w which will unlock you iphone 3g to use with Tmobile.
    2009-02-09 03:20 AM
  3. jason.ri's Avatar
    Even if you upgrade to the new baseband 2.30 you can stil unlock it by using a hardware unlock. I bought mine from this people and it works where yellosnow didn't.
    2009-02-09 06:23 PM