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    Hi Guys, I have spent the last 30 or so hours trying to jailbreak my iPhone 3G. I have had success before, but I canít restore with a custom firmware, if I donít get error 21 (unknown) I get error 1600 (unknown). And if I enter DFU mode using Pwnage Tool, iTunes gives me error 2001 (the iPod cannot be identified). I have followed multiple directions and learned that 10.5.6 breaks the jailbreak (no, Iím not on a new MBP), and I have followed the solution out of it on multiple websites, including the Dev Team. I am almost sure that the custom firmware I have made is fine, itís just that iTunes wonít accept it. Also, my phone use to be jail-broken but I accidently restored it with Apple's firmwareÖnow iím screwed. Also, I do not want to unlock anytime soon...just jailbreak and I understand that QuickPwn will only update your jailbreak. Thanks so much! Please helpÖ

    P.S. Here's the details simpler:

    I have an un-jailbroken, un-unlocked, iPhone 3G
    I am using Mac OS X 10.5.6
    I have made the .kext file edits
    I am using the latest version of iTunes and Pwnage Tool
    I have tried using a USB hub with no success
    2009-02-12 03:54 AM
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    To fix DFU problems with 10.5.6, yo could try this. This is the method DEV team recommend.

    Fixing DFU mode on 10.5.6

    As noted previously OS X 10.5.6 introduced a bug that affected the use of DFU mode. with some Macs. There have been previously published hacks and techniques to fix this, but here is another method that can be used to temporarily restore DFU functionality in order to use QuickPwn or PwnageTool.

    You will need an account with ADC (Apple Developer Connection) this is free and takes a few minutes to sign up, you should read the terms and conditions carefully and you should only sign up if you are thinking of developing applications in the future - Apple Developer Connection - Mac Dev Center
    Download the disk image “IOUSBFamily-315.4-log.dmg” for Mac OS X 10.5.5 Build 9F33” (yes, that is a “5” in 10.5.5 - this is a developer debug package of the USB kernel extension).
    Unplug non-vital USB equipment, such as external DVD writers, USB scanners, USB mass storage devices, at the most leave a Keyboard and Mouse connected.
    Install IOUSBFamily-315.4.1.pkg from within the disk image
    Reboot your system!
    Perform necessary DFU activity with QuickPwn or PwnageTool.
    Download the disk image “IOUSBFamily-327.4.0-log.dmg” for Mac OS X 10.5.6 Build 9G55”
    Intall IOUSBFamily-327.4.0.pkg from within the disk image
    Reboot your system!
    Reattach your USB peripherals.
    If you want it, get it, no matter the risk, y only live once, and gadgets are replaceable.....
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    2009-02-12 04:17 AM
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    Every single time I repwn a phone I have to do the following:
    1. Go into /your user name/library/itunes/device support
    2. If there is a file in there delete it.
    3. Build a NEW custom firmware... put it on your desktop.
    4. At the end tell pwnage your phone has never been pwned before and put your device into DFU.
    5. iTunes will usually come up with some kind of error.
    6. Close iTunes... reopen iTunes.
    7. Restore to your custom firmware.

    This is the only way I have found to avoid the error 21 error 1600 loop.
    2009-02-12 04:23 AM
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    OHHH MMY GGOOD! Thank you SOOO much....I have spent the last week trying to jailbreak my phone and your advise (Poseiden...) worked! I had read other posts saying to delete the device support file but none of them said to do it before I make the ipsw custom firmware. Thank you so much!!!!!! I really, really appreciate it and you saved me possibly another week of hard google searching. You should get a job at Apple!!!! THanks again!
    2009-02-12 06:26 AM