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  1. Robertsdp's Avatar
    Hey everyone, I have a iphone 1st gen, firmware 2.1 and had it jailbroken since forever. just recently I had to change carriers because I moved, so I restored my phone then jailbroke and unlocked it to support my new sim card. Now a month later I goto use the camera and It will take a pic, but when I go to the library the pic will not be there.
    note: after taking a pic then going straight to the pic libray thru the camera fuction as opposed to clicking the home button then clicking the pic library, there would be a outlined white box as the last photo, and when going to the libray from the main home screen no white outlined box)
    I know the actual camera works because the "Camera Roll" folder thumbnail shows my last pic taken, but when opening the folder nothin there. I also took pics with clearcam and snapture and when I send it to my pic library they do not show up... only the thumb of the last photo as the "camera roll" folder.
    Thanks to anyone who can help!
    2009-02-16 03:39 PM
  2. ALL DAY's Avatar
    Sounds like a permissions error. SSH in and fix your permissions on "" to 0777 or 0755 and you should be fine.
    Respect your elders.
    2009-02-16 08:03 PM
  3. REAPERDAGREAT13's Avatar
    there is a bug in 2.1
    All u have to do is restore and set up as a new phone
    Instead of restoring from back up

    Or update to 2.2 or 2.2.1
    2009-02-16 08:42 PM
  4. tropicrocket's Avatar
    I have the same problem that my camera can take pics but they show up as a blank pic in the photos folder.

    I am on 2.2 and just pawned from 1.1.3

    Cycorder works fine.
    2009-03-11 04:36 PM
  5. ALL DAY's Avatar
    Do what I said earlier and try to fix the permissions. That should work...
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    Respect your elders.
    2009-03-11 04:39 PM
  6. tropicrocket's Avatar
    I just changed the folder permissions from 0755 to 0777 but this did not help.

    I did restore my backup. If I setup as new what will I lose assuming that I still have my contacts in the address book on my MAC?

    I will lose notepad and other things right but is there anything else? I hate to have to setup up everything again like my ringtones, etc.
    2009-03-11 05:00 PM
  7. ALL DAY's Avatar
    ^Yeah, you'll lose notes, SMS, settings, bookmarks, pretty much everything minus contacts of course. On the bright side, your phone will run a lot faster and smoother.

    However, I'm sure there's a way to fix this without restoring as new.
    Respect your elders.
    2009-03-11 05:06 PM

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