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    Hi there.

    I recently got an iphone and was using the following site to unlock it. http://iphone.unlock.no/

    Anyways. I updated my iphone to 1.02 firmware as the tutorial said

    I had already unfortunately updated to newest version of itunes but downloaded the itunesmobiledevice.dll from this site and put it in the same directory as jbrick.

    anyways I then run jbrick and I get the following message:

    Looks like you need to download the iPhone firmware. Fire up iTunes with your iPhone plugged in, and hit the Restore button. Once the download starts, unplug your iPhone. When the download finishes, click away the error message in iTunes, and close iTunes. Plug your iPhone back in, and click Check again.

    Now the problem is that i dont see any restore button in itunes. Soemone told me i need to click on the iphone and cancell the activation process tghat it asks you to do with AT&T but when I did that no Restore button shows up.

    All it says is that activation is cancelled and I can now safely unplug the iphone.


    Update: Problem solved.

    Just had to do it a few times.
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