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    hey all i am new to the iphone as of tonight. love the phone itself but have a few questions... tried searching but also new to the site. here goes.... 1. how can i tell what version my unlocked iphone is? 2. how can i clear off the old users info, such as when i go to download an app using my wifi from the app store it is asking for a username and password? i see on here people can download the apps with just tmobile or even just wifi but i can't seem to download them without this password? 3. how can i set my phone up to detect edge through tmobile. I know I need to purchase the cord with the usb end on it as it didn't come with my buy. and lastly how hard is it to replace the glass on the iphone? i have heard mixed reviews on this one and also a small bit of the lcd pixels are missing from the top right near the time. def can live with it but would like to fix it. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
    2009-02-25 05:36 AM
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    You can go to Settings - General, to find out what firmware version you have.

    I suggest doing a "restore" to the phone to erase all the old data. Keep in mind, in doing so...you will have to re-jailbreak and re-unlock the phone. This can be done using Pwnage (we have a dedicated forum). And you'll need the usb cable.

    To use Tmo edge, you will need a Tmo data service on your plan....then input the APN settings into the phone under settings. I dont use Tmo so off hand dont have the APN settings. Also, located on the forum.

    The screen on a 2g is 1 assembly. You have to replace the entire thing (not just the glass)...and the part will run you about $160.

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    2009-02-25 05:43 AM
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    thanks for the quick reply. can you tell me how to reset this phone? i didn't get a manual or anything... is there a good sticky here to read that will explain it all a little more? thanks in advance. also what is a good place to get the data cable? hope to hear back soon.

    found the reset. was version 2.2 in general settings... i assume this is my version of the mod? seems like it will be pretty straight forward once i get the cable. that is step on. thanks again any good advice on where to pick one up?
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    2009-02-25 05:57 AM
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    Cable....ebay would be your cheapest bet.

    But if you want it fast, best buy or prolly even walmart.

    I wouldnt suggest the "reset all settings" on the phone if its been jailbroken before. It will lock the phone up. And then you will have to restore with the PC.

    I suggest getting the cable and doing a restore through Itunes. Plug into the PC, open Itunes and click "restore".

    But again...you will have to rejailbreak and re-unlock. Keep that in mind.
    2009-02-25 06:00 AM
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    thanks again for the quick reply. i thought jailbreaking is the same as unlocking the phone. i will def read about it when i get home today and at least the screen replacement doesn't look too hard. thanks again
    2009-02-25 12:48 PM
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    Jailbreaking and unlocking are two totally different things. Jailbreaking allows 3rd party apps on the phone and unlocking allows the phone to operate on different GSM carriers other than at&t
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    2009-02-25 02:19 PM
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    can someone walk me through this process of resetting my phone through itunes... then telling me which jailbrake file to use and also which to use to unlock. thanks in advance. i def need to take care of this asap. but don't wanna brick the phone. thanks all
    2009-02-25 11:13 PM