1. DivingMissDaisy's Avatar
    Hi there

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but my OH tried to upgrade and put on Yellow Snow on my phone, but it didn't work. I did a full reset, did a backup restore, then an upgrade to 2.2.1. He then put on Cydia.

    Now I can't get any of my downloaded app's to go on - I get the message "the application xxxxx was not installed on the the iphone because it could not be verified".

    Anyone any ideas please?

    2009-02-27 11:41 PM
  2. duromega's Avatar
    same here!!!
    2009-03-10 10:10 AM
  3. dejawoo's Avatar
    Itunes can only sync&load apps that recognizes from the app store.Other apps have to be loaded over cydia or put on via ssh.
    I think you re trying to load a cracked app or the source code of the app is useless for iphone...
    2009-03-10 03:28 PM
  4. Angello's Avatar
    add iphone.org.hk/apt to your cydia sources, than install MobileInstallation Patch, restart your phone (dont know if you have to but i did just in case) and it should work, it does for me. I got 2.2.1
    2009-04-02 05:01 PM