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    IDK if anyone has discussed this or not i searched last time and so nothing so I thought I would post this. I had the same problem previously and solved it by creating a new iPhone portfolio, but i did it again and this is how i solved it this time without re downloading anything.If you forgot what you named your folders you are screwed.

    First after you've updated your phone SSH into your phone (i use iPhoneBrowser cause i'm lazy), in the /Applications folder create the folder/s with the same name you previously used on your old firmware. This will enable everything to function btu still not be seen (if you had a theme before you should see it)

    Then you need to open up any application that uses poof (bossprefs, SB settings etc.)unhide all the icons and now you can use them all again.

    remember to delete the folders you just created because they are unusable they just acted as a gateway you can delete them through categories if you would like or through WinSCP or any other SSH tool.

    Then simply remake folders again using categories if you want.

    If this is confusing let me know i will try to rephrase.

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    2009-03-02 03:57 AM
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    enable then disable restrictions in settings/general
    2009-03-02 05:52 AM