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    Ok, so here's what happened. I made a boot logo for my Portal theme (read: don't know what I'm doing), it was in PNG-24 with one pixel transparent. I used LogoMe. I put in the download link, I previewed it, everything worked great. I clicked "Flash", restarted my phone, and it was blank white. Waited, waited, waited, nothing.

    I restored the damn thing, synced it, blah blah blah. But because I had ALL of my apps in folders via Categories, nothing is showing up. The apps that weren't categorized are showing up. But it's text, camera, settings, ipod, mail, etc.

    I tried reinstalling Categories, but the icon for that was in a folder. =/ I can't find the thing. I'm REALLY lucky Cydia's logo showed up, or else I would've really been lost.

    Any tips? I have OpenSSH and WinSCP (I think that's what it's called...).

    EDIT: Found out a solution. Downloaded SBSettings, clicked on the More button, and manually got all of my app icons back onto the SpringBoard. Fairly simple, hope this helps anyone else with this issue.
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