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    I've searched basically everyone and seen a lot of help on this site, so I'm posting my problem here. Bear with me, this may get lenghty...
    My brother-in-law bought an iPhone 2G from eBay. He tried to jailbreak, activate, and unlock it after upgrading to FW 2.2 with QuickPWN. It then locked at the Apple logo. This is when I became involved. I downgraded the firmware, re-upgraded to 2.2 and then used quickpwn. Everything worked great, for about 36 hours. Then the iPhone started locking up at random intervals. Sometimes at boot, sometimes at the "Slide to Unlock" screen, sometimes when running Cydia, basically it would lock up when it want to.

    Restoring the iPhone is not a problem (either in Recovery Mode or DFU mode), but it locks again after restore, sometimes before the phone even boots for the first time, sometimes at the "Slide for Emergency Call" screen, sometimes when a call comes in...

    I have now tried FW 1.1.4 as I read somewhere that it is a good and stable FW. Unfortunately, the problem still exists. It is locking now in Recovery Mode most of the time. The problem is, the PC is not "seeing" the device when it locks up, so I reboot and then it usually locks at the Apple logo during boot.

    So, now that you all know my life story
    any suggestions??

    2009-03-06 06:09 PM
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    Same problem here, except the whole restore mode thing.

    EDIT: I think part of the problem is because I have a TON of apps installed.
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    2009-04-29 12:11 AM