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    Alright well recently I've been having a few problems with my phone.
    First- I noticed winterboard themes that normally changed my youtube and safari icons were no longer changing them. These icons were left as the standard icons.
    2- On cydia I cant download anything. I hit install and cydia says the app was installed but when then i check my packages and it says its not. Same thing with removing packages. It says removing but the on screen text that normall pops up never shows up. iT goes staright to return to cydia button.
    I then noticed that under my general-about section my phone said it was on version (). I have no clue what that means. I then checked the cydia homepage which said I was using iPhone OS 1.x and i need to upgrade to 2.x. Just yesterday everything was working fine. My phone was on firmware 2.2.1 and i had no problems. Under the changes in cydia it says there is a firmware update but when i install it it does the same thing when i try to install other cydia apps.
    Is iphone OS 2.x brand new or is something else wrong? Help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


    I thought that maybe something ive installed or done with my phone since jailbreaking could have done this.
    Heres a list of all I have done.

    Installed: cycorder
    winterboard-with various themes and sliders,etc.
    ********** which i have used to get a few games.
    nes and gpsphone emulator with roms.
    Ive alos installed OpenSSH which i connected to my computer with winscp. I installed an older version of winscp and not the newest one. Not sure if this may have caused a problem.
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    could be your cracked games with the new DRM messing your phone up :F
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