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    I'm trying to look around for a way to upgrade my 1G iPhone from 2.1 to 2.2 (or newest firmware allowed to be JBed and Unlocked).

    I already have my phone running on 2.1, which is jailbroken and unlocked thanks to the guys of help of these forums a couple months back.

    My main issue is that some of the Apps in the App Store that I like are saying "This application is not compatible with this iPhone". I'm guessing this is due to the current firmware I have on it, and not because it isn't a 3G. Am I right?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I think this is what I might be looking for. Right?
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    You can update your firmware through iTunes. The 2G iPhone is unlockable and jailbreakable on any firmware, you just need the right software. I would suggest the newest version of Quickpwn (Downloads), since it is the easiest to use.

    If you want to back up your Cydia/Jailbroken apps then you would need to download AptBackup from Cydia. In the app, choose "Backup", then go into iTunes and backup your device (by right clicking on it and selecting backup).

    Edit: Yes the applications should also work on the phone once it is upgraded. I'm pretty sure that no one would, or even could, make an app for either the 2G or 3G exclusively.
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