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    iPhone 3G

    I'm desperately trying to downgrade from 3.0 beta to 2.21. I was almost successful. I'm able to downgrade to 2.21 & 2.20; however, I'm not getting any singal bars, and there's no carrier logo. I read somewhere that iTunes is supposed to automatically pull up that "Carrier Update" and that will fix my problem. But that update has yet to be seen. Is there a way to force iTunes to pull up that update? I don't know what to do. I'm completely stuck.

    From Mac OS X, I put the phone in DFU mode; iTunes restore; and used Apple's unmodded ipsw file; got the 1013 error as usual. quit iTunes; ran quickpawn in Windows Vista; and selected the same ipsw file, and boom; it puts the firmware on there, and it works. but no carrier logo, no bars! My iPhone 3G is nothing a chunky iPod Touch now.

    I would try and run quick pawn through os x, but it doesn't work when I immediately do a restore through iTunes. Anyone, help!! I'd hate to resort back to 3.0 beta. The bugs are killing me. I'd greatly appreciate all the help I can get. My personal email is [email protected] or just post here.
    2009-03-23 02:38 PM
  2. deadwilder's Avatar
    I just upgraded... What bugs?
    2009-03-23 06:52 PM

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