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    When you get a new Iphone - Jailbreak and Activation step by step

    1. put the Iphone into the cradle and make sure it is connected to your computer and Itunes is running.
    2. put your Iphone in restore mode (Turn off you Iphone (press the power button and then slide the red slider on top to turn off) then hold the "back" button and power button until a yellow triangle appears) Itunes will ask you if you want to restore and click yes. - this will put the latest firmware 1.02
    2. once that is done download iBrickr (http://cre.ations.net/creation/ibrickr) and run it follow the instructions and it will jailbreak your phone.
    3. download "point and click activation" with youtube patch - (http://rapidshare.com/files/52087915/PACAY.rar.html)

    this should do it you will have an activated iphone with working youtube, Once you will receive the unlock from IPSF i think before running it you should first insert the new simcard and rund step 3 again, and then run the IPSF unlock

    P.S. I am sure most people know but just in case there are some who wander, the IPSF unlock is most likely will be a PXL package and you will be able to install it using iBrickr or perhaps using the Nullriver installer....

    Thank you, I hope this is helpful
    2007-09-15 07:24 AM