1. chupa's Avatar
    I have a haji version of an Iphone 3g that I acquired in Afghanistan. I took it apart and verified the internals, and they appear to be consistent with a real iphone, so my assumption is it probably came out of the iphone factory in China originally.

    Unfortunately, the OS on the phone is something called 'Zula' and I can't find any documentation on it. It works fine as a phone / mp3 player / camera etc, but the interface is really kind of awful.

    What I would really like to do is restore it to a normal 3g OS and then use it. Is that possible, has anyone done something like that before? The main obstacle is that the phone is not recognized by Itunes or any of the other software I have tried so far.
    2009-03-24 01:28 PM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    uuuuuuh. No.
    2009-03-24 04:26 PM
  3. Ajfoen's Avatar
    I've also got a Tawanize type in China which I would like to upgrade but it seems that I learned my misstake this time, check out the field and techspecs before you bye anything from asia.

    It's a 16Gb 3G shell but with a 4Gb phone/memory inside. I can call and use the software but still in some chinese, and I dont want that right!

    Yes, anyone tried to upgrade this type of phone?
    Mine doesn't either connect to Itunes or Iphonebrowser. I can only reach the mass-storage thru ordinary (XP prof.) explorer window.
    2009-04-12 11:47 AM
  4. GADeputy's Avatar
    There's a simple rule that everyone should go by..... if you want an iPhone, buy an iPhone.
    There's no possible way to get an iphone-clone to upgrade so it will be an iPhone. The internal processor, memory, OS, and just about everything else is totally different.
    2009-04-13 05:19 AM
  5. Poseidon79's Avatar
    An Apple iPhone OS will only run on an authentic Apple iPhone.
    2009-04-13 05:22 AM