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    I just started modding my iphone and one problem is that I can't find my ringtones I put in through ibrickr. Is there a limit to the size/length of the ringtone? or is there a format to the name of it I put some symbols like [ ] in some of the ringtone file names. Other than that I can't figure it out
    how to jail break I originally did it and I thought I did a messy job of it so I restored the iphone and proceeded to just use ibrickr (since I discovered ibrickr after I jailbroke it initially) So whats happening is in the early steps It tells you to hold the home and power button until you get the please connect to itunes screen then let go. I did that and once that came on the itunes comes on about a restore (which is supposed to happen I believe) and then (while I have ibrickr running of course) I get a error message from windows Error jailbreak encountered a error and had to close. WTF
    And the reason why I restored it in the first place was because: 1) I couldn't connect with WinSCP (error connection refused)
    2) I didn't know how to install a application which would allow me to use a lot more other applications (i believe there is something like that called Launch or something) just couldn't get it to work.
    Any help would be great and if it makes you feel good you may bash on my noobness. thanks

    OK now i got the ringtones on the phone but I can't use them as my actual ringtone
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    2007-09-16 08:27 AM
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    ringtones have to be copied into the folder /Library/Ringtones and have to be m4a format. i think you have to restart your phone to see them
    2007-09-17 04:30 AM
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    go to Download Ringtones, Themes, Wallpapers, Videos and Games for your Cell Phone | Zedge - Free Your Phone! and you'll find thousands of ringtones already made for iphone.
    2009-06-21 08:21 PM
  4. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Or you could download iRinger it's free, and make you own from you iTunes music, it is totally compatible with iTunes.
    2009-06-21 08:25 PM
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