1. jarednl4's Avatar
    It's coming!
    Is this just wishful thinking? Or do you have some info.

    You told us the patch would be out in 72 hours....500 hours ago!!!
    (j/k...we know if it were up to you, we'd all have it)

    Is it just me, or does OS 3 seem to be degrading??? More and more things keep going wrong with mine. 1/3rd of my apps stopped working, on the lock screen where you enter your password, 1/2 the time, I have no keyboard and I have to guestimate where the keys are, etc., etc,...
    2009-06-02 11:40 PM
  2. Hitone's Avatar
    Agree, my previously stable Beta 5 seems a little flakey last few days. Lost sound forcing a reboot twice. Sometimes apps go into sloooow motion. Reboot fixes things tho. B5 or SBSettings?
    2009-06-02 11:43 PM
  3. 3rdeye's Avatar
    It's coming!
    Yeah, right
    2009-06-02 11:50 PM
  4. mr.sparky's Avatar
    Nothing as of right now
    Steroids are yummy
    2009-06-02 11:53 PM
  5. bbrookfield's Avatar
    It's coming!
    It's 6:02pm EST no update yet. God I am so Pathetic
    2009-06-03 12:03 AM
  6. C.J.'s Avatar
    all gone a bit quiet considerin! what time does the beta normally drop?
    2009-06-03 12:40 AM
  7. Mercury1975's Avatar
    i posted about 3.0b6 over on everythingicafe.. heres what they think over there

    iphun -For the devs out there look on the dev center where you normally download betas from. They moved the downloads to the bottom of the page and moved all the developing resources to the top. I am thinking that's a sign to us that there will be no more betas.

    If we were to see a beta 6 I agree with bluedrib that it would basically be the final 3.0, just with an expiration and necessary dev registration so we don't go handing it out to everyone.

    iphonewarrior - iphun i couldn't agree more, Beta 5 seems ok, even thought it's still a little buggy e.g losing the keypad slider so you can't access the phone (v.annoying). I hope we ALL find out on WWDC when the final release is. There is so much speculation at present no one knows what's actual FACT and whats FICTION.

    I think were all out of Beta's

    I stand by my word with the whole trying to remain calm and simply wait for an official answer. I'm not going to deny, i want to scream sometimes.... but i hold myself back.

    iphun - IF anything and I mean IF we are going to see anything I think it will be announced at WWDC. Like the final beta will be announced for us to download with some features they haven't announced yet. Other than that we are fresh out of betas, I agree. The expiration of beta 5 is June 19th and they usually give us a week to update. The week of WWDC is the week before the 19th, so we will see another beta or the final release then. But if we get another beta it will be the LAST one unless some major problem comes with that beta. WWDC WILL be when we find out everything about the next release. I know just some more speculation, but with some of the facts(expiration and typical time given to update) it seems most likely that's what will happen.

    I am still getting the occasional network drop but it seems to be getting a little better and that's my only problem. I think we are on the road to a good final release.

    so.. thoughts on this?
    iPhone 3G OS 3.1.3
    iPhone 3G(S) OS 3.1.3
    iMac Snow Leopard 10.6.3
    2009-06-03 12:51 AM
  8. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I guess no beta 6 then. I'm calling it a night.
    2009-06-03 01:06 AM
  9. grmiller's Avatar
    The Beta 6 is coming, stop with the stupid posts!
    Jailbreak the Planet!
    2009-06-03 01:13 AM
  10. zwaldowski's Avatar
    Eh, I'll keep watching for now; Mercury1975 makes (or repeats) some good points, however. I personally think Apple had the June 19th expiry date to make the development of Beta 6 + 7 (maybe) movable and not set in stone. But, then, we'll see. I don't think I could stand Beta 5 becoming final, it'd be worse than 2.0 or even 1.0.

    That said, Stealth, I didn't think you'd be one to give up so easily. 7 days and you're already calling it a night. Hah. :-P
    2009-06-03 01:13 AM
  11. Mattshall's Avatar
    Been playing sims 3 all day... Don't know what to think of this situation.
    2009-06-03 01:20 AM
  12. C.J.'s Avatar
    hi guys, im getting an error saying my itunes library could not be read because it was created by a newer version...i accidentally installed the new itunes 8.2 on mac nad removed it then installed the prerelease, any ideas?
    2009-06-03 01:22 AM
  13. monchy36's Avatar
    I guess no beta 6 then. I'm calling it a night.
    Our Leader is giving up on us!!! if there's a chance that beta 6 is not coming out... you think that "the patch" can be release or fix quickpwn with the patch or new kennel to make the app we want to use until the final release come out?
    2009-06-03 01:28 AM
  14. griff1211's Avatar
    I love this thread. Everyone is so impatient. I, like everyone, want to have some of the bugs worked out (sluggish slider, missing keypad). But my apps work fine, I love upgrades already made, can stream music to my car via Bluetooth, and tethering works fine. I don't know if all of you are making too many changes/updates/upgrades to your phones in hopes to get it close to being like 2.2.1 JB. Let it be or wait and buy the new version in July : ) I'm not talking to developers or those actually working on JB.
    Last edited by griff1211; 2009-06-03 at 01:43 AM. Reason: Wasn't addressing developers
    2009-06-03 01:35 AM
  15. StealthBravo's Avatar
    OK, I'm back! Damn you beta 6! I wish I could quit you.
    2009-06-03 01:46 AM
  16. monchy36's Avatar
    OK, I'm back! Damn you beta 6! I wish I could quit you.
    Ones you get to the "dark side of the iphone" can't stay away from it! Soooo... any answer of my question...
    2009-06-03 01:52 AM
  17. jjr3211's Avatar
    it is kind of early to be giving up yet
    2009-06-03 02:00 AM
  18. Untaken's Avatar
    if there's a chance that beta 6 is not coming out... you think that "the patch" can be release or fix quickpwn with the patch or new kennel to make the app we want to use until the final release come out?
    Why would you even ask this? You've made it clear numerous times that Beta 6 is 100% for sure being released. Someone warned you about the tarring and feathering if you were wrong, so you better start running now...
    2009-06-03 02:03 AM
  19. Sk8r789456's Avatar
    i think it might come out late like beta 4 did
    2009-06-03 02:11 AM
  20. rburg's Avatar
    Well I'm back after a few day hiatus. Didn't miss much I see, thread has slowed down of late.

    So another tuesday has come and gone and no beta 6.... oh well. I'm just looking forward to WWDC next week!!! New iphone!

    On a side note irealquicksms was updated but it still didn't fix their 3.0 glitch. just a new icon (which I think is ugly. lol) and a new way to bring up the quicks send menu whtich is pretty nifty but I couldn't seem to get to work.
    2009-06-03 02:14 AM