1. NeilMonday's Avatar
    Preface: Well Yesterday I unlocked my iPhone on my girlfriends Macbook and everything went smoothly. When I got my iPhone to MY house on MY vista computer it wasn't syncing properly due to vista having NTFS file system that conflicted with the mac version of my iPhone. SOOOO I decided to restore on my Vista computer and then unlock it in Vista so that it would sync properly now.

    Problem: iBrickr 0.8 will not jailbreak my iPhone. I go through all of the steps properly and everything, but after it waits all that time to jailbreak etc. the iPhone still will not let me in. it says slide for emergency.

    can anyone help me figure out what is going on? Also, which sim card should I have in while jailbreaking? the AT&T sim that came with the phone, or my old SIM that I want to be able to use in the iPhone? thanks.
    2007-09-16 11:19 PM
  2. freshfitz's Avatar
    activate the phone then jailbreak it. doesn't matter which sim is in jailbreak doesn't care
    2007-09-17 03:14 AM
  3. NeilMonday's Avatar
    I got it to work with something called "Point and Click Activation with Youtube" (PACAY). I seriously doubt that I am supposed to give a link here, but if you are looking for help then google is your friend. It is a batch file that you need to run.

    thanks for the reply. this problem has been solved.
    2007-09-17 02:25 PM