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    Is there specific way to sync an iPhone to a 2nd computer with a jailbroken phone/that mobile installation file you have to SSH into your phone in order to be able to install hacked apps [don't trip, I only have 1 hacked app left, bought all of the rest]. I bought a new computer about a month ago, went from a computer loaded with XP to a computer loaded with Vista 64bit. Well my problem is I can't sync my phone in iTunes with this new computer. I have it Authorized as the 2nd computer to work my account in so I know it's not that. Whenever I hit sync it will stay on "backing up iPhone" for literally 5-6 hours, and then when it's finally done it will come up with an error saying "iTunes could not sync information to iPhone because a connection could not be established to the iPhone". But, contacts will sync to my Windows Contacts no problem. I've spent over 24 hours so far working on this ish, and even called Apple and am having no success. Is there something I'm missing? Please let me know, it's pretty urgent.
    2009-04-04 10:55 PM