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    After the release of Skype, I tried to update MobileSubstrate file but it was giving me some error. I thought I will uninstall it and download the newer version and the problem will be solved. I removed it but I couldnt find the mobilesubstrate file in cydia. Skype worked fine so I didnt pay much attention to the file which I dont know does what (mobile substrate). Now I am trying to install iBlacklist and it says that MobileSubstrate file is missing thus cannot install

    I have searched on cydia, installer but couldnt find the file. Installed Psuedo Substrate as it said it was a substitute for MobileSubstrate but it didnt work either.

    The last resort would be to restore the phone and do the whole thing again but I was wondering it anyone had that one file and the path where it should be put through SSH, then I dont need to the restore.

    Any help on this would be great! Thanks!

    never mind.. just quickpwned my phone and got it back
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