1. menkalinan's Avatar

    I couldn't find a solution to or much mention of this problem via search, but I'm not quite sure what to search for. I jailbroke to 1.1.3 a couple of weeks ago, and started experiencing the problem with Safari that it wouldn't remember usernames/passwords or any other information between pages. This is most annoying with Google Reader, as it makes me enter my user name and password basically whenever I click a new post, making it basically unusable. OneTrip also fails to retain my shopping list. I tried restoring to a non-jailbroken state and am now running 1.1.4, but the problem remains.

    My best guess would be that it's a cookie issue, but I have the browser set to always accept cookies. I used BossTool to move my applications to the other partition when I was jailbroken; could Safari possibly be looking in the wrong spot for it's cookies?

    Ideally I'm looking for a solution to this problem so I can rejailbreak, but if no one knows of one, is there a disk image or something I can use to completely restore my phone to its out-of-the-box state? Restoring it from iTunes unjailbroke it, but it clearly didn't reset it completely, as this problem remains and my settings were as I left them. Thanks.
    2008-03-09 06:30 AM
  2. lillewis51's Avatar
    get ziphone 2.5 and click refurbish it will compleatly restore it(but it will also downgrade your bootloader if it is 4.6) witch wont really change anything.
    2008-03-09 06:37 AM
  3. menkalinan's Avatar
    Seems to work. Jailbreaking sure is easier with that program, I definitely didn't see any reference to it when I first started several weeks ago! Thanks a lot for the quick response.
    2008-03-09 07:54 AM
  4. gjlowe's Avatar
    To the original question... I seem to have the same problem in that mobile safari is not always saving my password. I too find this most annoying with the Google mobile applications. Any ideas there?
    2008-03-25 06:42 AM
  5. andresus's Avatar
    just install iremeber from your installer, that should fix it. bests!
    2008-08-28 05:15 PM