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    Hi all. First post for me so be gentle....

    My old iPhone works fine. Got it from the States a couple of years ago, unlocked and using a pay as you go card. All the bits I want work fine and hook it up to either of my two macs both running 10.4.11 and iTunes7.

    Now, I'd like to upgrade the Macs and iTunes, but that will screw up my iPHone and block it - which I don't want.

    I've come across this website and it seems I can get the latest software and keep my phone unlocked, upgrade my system and my iTunes.

    I suppose the question is (after looking at all the problems people have) do I really want to mess around with it (well, yes, but don't want to be left with a vegetable rather than a fruit).

    What do you folks recommend for a virgin modder?

    Thanks, in advance.....
    2009-04-16 09:14 PM