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    I am currently using a 2G iPhone on T-Mobile which is of course unlocked and also jailbroken. I currently have SW version 2.2 and tried to download an app and it told me I needed to have 2.2.1

    When I tried to upgrade my SW via iTunes, it told me that I already have the latest SW for my phone and won't let me upgrade to 2.2.1

    Can someone walk me thru instructions on how to upgrade my phone? If I upgrade to 3.0 will the app that requires 2.2.1 also work? I bought my phone already jailbroke and unlocked with yellowsnow so this will be the first time that I do anything myself and don't want to mess it up.

    thanks guys...this is the best forum out there!
    2009-04-17 08:22 PM