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    Exactly what the title says, how do you do it? I can't find anything in ICY. I even tried Appstore and iTunes, nothing.
    Appreciate help on this.

    Next, where did my Green "Call" button go? I can't make phone calls now because that row on the keypad is gone. I can't delete numbers I have entered into keypad either, like I said, that row is gone.

    I don't know what to do. If I want to call a number, I have to enter it as a contact first, then dial out that way--SO Annoying.

    Thanks for any help. Otherwise, 3.0 isn't to bad. Things don't run in the background like I thought they would(PUSH) and MMS still doesn't work. Well, if you follow the instructions for MMS it does, but seems like every 12 hours it is deactivated by AT&T. Speed of phone is nice and quick. Install any 3rd party apps has been a pain. Most work but when you go to restart your phone, I get the apple logo and it freezes there which in turn equals installing the OS again.

    Just some info I felt like ranting.

    I restarted my phone after much debate on doing so. To my surprise it did not freeze. So my green "Call" button is back. Whew.

    Now, I am still searching for a way to delete programs I have installed on 3.0 Beta 3. I am still without an answer. So if anyone can shed some light, fantastico!


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    What programs are you referring to? Icy installed, App Store Apps, or what?

    There is a glitch in the OS that causes the loss of that bottom row sometimes. I have sysinfoplus from icy installed and whenever it starts acting up, I go into the process list and kill it. Then when you go to launch your phone app it will work again.
    2009-04-21 08:47 AM