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    [ame=]See on YouTube - qTweeter in action[/ame]

    qTweeter, a one of a kind status update application that lets you tweet and update your
    acebook status like never before. It is straight to the point, super fast, ultra cool
    and darn effective. You launch qTweeter by simply sliding your finger down
    from the status area and can start tweeting right away.
    Once done, you simply press the update button to update your
    Facebook status or Twitter or even both.
    qTweeter saves you the hassle of updating your Facebook status
    and Twitter separately by doing both for you instantly.

    qTweeter is available free from Cydia and is totally worth the download if
    you use Facebook and Twitter. I have been using it and its works great!!!

    Music Tweeting
    Loving the song you are currently listening to on your iPod
    and want to share it with your followers and facebook friends?
    We got your back with Music QuickTweets. This awesome feature
    will automatically fill your tweet with the artist and song title.
    It gets even better. We also automatically generate a link so
    that your followers and facebook friends can preview and
    purchase the song.

    Youtube Tweeting
    What of the time when you are watching that hilarious video
    on YouTube and you just have to spread the word. Simply
    slide down qTweeter and tweet this video while still watching it.

    Safari Tweeting
    Reading something insightful on Safari that you would love
    to share with your facebook friends and followers? We got
    your back with Safari QuickTweets, which lets you instantly
    share the site you are reading with them.

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